Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wardrobe Essentials - First Trimester

For this week's WIWW (What I Wore Wednesday) I am going to tell you about a few wardrobe staples that have helped me through my first trimester. Not a true outfit post, but hopefully it will help you if you are just finding out you are expecting and don't quite know what to do with your new body.

Thank goodness for me, I have friends and relatives who have all recently had babies so they have given me great wardrobe advice. Many things vary by individual but I'm sure you will find something that will work for you!
  1. Pants no longer fit right. Not only were they tight in the waist, but they were just so uncomfortable. I know one of the cardinal rules of pregnancy is to not wear maternity clothes until you absolutely have to, but when I found a pair of maternity jeans for $10 at Target (similar here), I had to get them. They have a small panel that basically just feels like I'm wearing sweatpants (who wouldn't love that?). I highly suggest something like this early on as it makes you feel much more comfortable without being in your pajamas.
  2. The Belly Band. I had heard so much about this product and how it really extends the length of your wardrobe because it allows you to wear all your bottoms unbuttoned and no one knows! (I'm thinking this will be a great addition to any one's wardrobe for those big family meals like Thanksgiving!) I got my Belly Band from Target and love wearing it not only for the unbuttoned pants aspect but for the way it holds everything together. Its like Spanx just for your stomach!
  3. Speaking of Spanx, this is another must have. Since I wear dresses to work and throughout the summer, I needed something to hold my new growing stomach all together. Not to mention most people didn't know I was pregnant, so it helped keep me looking my normal weight. Target carries Assets brand (similar to Spanx) and they come in maternity! They fit like normal Spanx only with a much higher front panel to go over your soon to be baby bump. I have been told these will come in handy throughout my entire pregnancy.

I'm sure as I go through these next 6 months, I will find more essential pieces to add to my maternity wardrobe, but for the first trimester, this is what got me through.

After all, it is WIWW and I can't leave you without an outfit picture! So here you go!

A little 4th of July inspiration!

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  1. I love these tips! I mainly spent my first trimester in leggings or looping a hair band around my button. Lol! I tried to hold out as long as I could and even resorted to wearing Will's jeans before I gave in to maternity apparel. Love the outfit Mama Missy. Adorable as usual :)

  2. ohh i am sure those jeans are a must!! my first thought would be:comfort but you always look so cute and put together!