Monday, June 2, 2014

Venus Snap VoxBox Review

I have really enjoyed being a part of the Influenster program. It has been almost a year and I've been lucky enough to receive three VoxBox's! This one was a little different than the usual VoxBox that has five different items to review, there was just one item. To be honest, I liked receiving one product over five because I felt like I could give a more thorough review since all the focus was on just one item.

The Venus Snap razor could not have come at a better time. My husband kept stealing mine from the shower (I think it's time we buy some replacement blades for his own razor) and then when I would go to shave my legs it wouldn't be there. There is nothing more frustrating than getting out of a hot shower, dripping wet and running to the other side of the bathroom to retrieve said stolen razor!

 At first, the size of the handle had me skeptical, but I quickly converted and became a believer. The grip makes it so that it fits perfectly between your thumb and first two fingers and before long, you've forgotten all about that long handle!

So why not have a long handle on your razor? After all, they've made them that way for years. There is no need for it, especially when traveling. You see, the handle takes up unnecessary space in your ditty bag (doc kit, cosmetic case, whatever you choose to call it) but you need to put it in something so you don't have a razor floating around your bag. Well, that's where the Venus Snap razor comes into play.

It's small which makes it perfect for travel AND it comes with a protective case. To me the case sells it. I no longer have to reach into my bags with fear of slicing open my finger. Not to mention the case has holes in the bottom to allow the water to stay out. Best. Design. Ever!

Don't let its size fool you. This little razor will give you a close and smooth shave. It uses the same blades as the standard Venus razor so you don't have to stock multiple different blades if you use a regular Venus for everyday and this one for travel.

Speaking of blades, I haven't used a Venus product in a while because I always hate buying the replacement blades (such an investment), but lucky for me inside the box was a coupon for $4 off more blades. You better believe I will be keeping this little razor around for a while, not just because it !
 "I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."

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