Monday, June 30, 2014

Charlotte's Disney Bows by Eola Ella

Not long after Charlotte was born I found a little bow shop via Instagram and quickly fell in love with their products. Eola Ella sells the cutest bows, not to mention the most adorable Disney bows!


How cute is that bow?! I love the elastic headbands these bows come with. They are sturdy without them being too tight on your little's head and always match and coordinate just right! 

Here is another Disney bow we got from Eola Ella for Charlotte's first Disney trip. Another great thing is when you order your bow, you will choose the elastic size so you can be sure it will fit. 

Eola Ella sells way more than just Disney bows. They are constantly updating their inventory through their Etsy shop with new creations and don't stick to one style of bow, so you will always find yourself coming back for more (which is super bad for the budget, but then again having a baby girl is really bad for the budget all around)!

Follow them on Instagram and you will see all the sales, offers and giveaways they have throughout the month!

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