Monday, March 3, 2014

Let's Do This!

When I first started this blog, it was to help hold me accountable with my running and weight loss. Now that I'm 7 weeks postpartum, it's time to start up again. Since I had a c-section, I had to wait and get cleared by my doctor. I was cleared last week and then went on a week long vacation to Disney! Now that I'm back home, it's time to get my rear in gear!

I had every intention to start running today, but there is about 6 inches of snow in my way and my treadmill is blocked by about a thousand boxes. I also don't like my weigh in days to be on Mondays because it makes the weekends super hard. So I've decided that I will weigh in on Thursdays. Until I can run outside or clear my treadmill (whichever comes first), I will focus on my eating.

For the hard part, sharing my current weight: 173.6 It's the most I've ever weighed, and I hate it. The good news is, I know it will come off because I've done it before. It just takes time and dedication. So here's to fitting in to my skinny jeans again!

Check back on Thursday to see my progress!


  1. I've got 17 more pounds to go! Advice: don't expect to jump right back into running/anything. Give yourself a bit of grace. I was shocked at how hard a mile was! I can't wait to follow your journey as I share my own on my blog.

  2. You got this! Go get 'em, momma!

  3. Good luck! I'm doing my best to stay active and eat right during my pregnancy to *hopefully* make getting back into shape post baby easier. Looking forward to seeing your progress!

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  4. I'd love to follow your weight loss journey. I'm 13 weeks pp and been slacking since I went back to work! You got it girl!