Friday, March 14, 2014

High Five for my First Friday Back!

  1. I started back at work this week and have been lucky enough to work from home as I start to transition back to the office. I'm not going to lie, it's nice having this view but I'm definitely looking forward to being in the office. It's hard to work from home when you constantly have to stop what you're doing to take care of an infant.
  2. Milo has been feeling a little neglected lately and hardly pays any attention to Charlotte, so when he was sleeping on the bed I saw an opportunity. This lasted about 15 seconds before he decided the "hairless kitty" was not his favorite.
  3. In all the work I did for Charlotte's nursery, I forgot about getting a mobile! With a gift card, Kohls cash and a 30% off coupon, I decided now was the time. I thought this mobile was absolutely adorable and matched her room perfectly!
  4. We went to the river this weekend and met up with Charlotte's grandparents and cousin. Little Jacob seemed to really like her. He kept calling her "baby" and loved snuggling her.
  5. I've been super busy these past few weeks making applique shirts for customers. Here are just a few of my favorites before they shipped this week.
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