Friday, November 8, 2013

High Five for Friday!

I know I was a little MIA this week, but the truth is, I've been in a bit of a blogging rut. Normally I'm running around working on various different projects and putting fun outfits together, but my energy and inspiration is lacking. I think I'm officially slowing down. With only a few weeks left and the holidays just around the corner, I'm going to focus on spending time with my family and relaxing. Let's get this weekend started right with some high fives, shall we?

  1. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably caught a glimpse of this awesome quilt my mom made Charlotte. Yes, you're seeing that correctly, those dresses are made out of Lilly fabric. Isn't it amazing?!
  2. The floor of our foyer has been a true pain in the rear. It all started when Milo ruined the carpet by peeing on it. We were forced to rip it up and replace it. We decided to make it all one type of flooring instead of carpet mixed with tile. Here is the before and after picture. I'm so thankful my father-in-law was able to help us with this project. Even though it took a few trips of him coming up, we finally got it done!
  3. Milo doing what he does best, snuggling on my husband. Sometimes I just can't resist snapping pictures of these little moments. If I'm this bad about taking thousands of pictures of my cat doing the same thing, imagine what it's going to be like with a child!
  4. We FINALLY got a movie theatre in our city! The grand opening was this week and they were offering $2 movies, soda and popcorn! We originally told ourselves we would go see a different movie every night, but I think that was a little too ambitious. At least we took advantage of it once! 
  5. As you know, I had my baby shower over the weekend and I couldn't help but share these super cute cups my friend made. 
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  1. What a gorgeous quilt your mom made!! Glad that you were able to take advantage of the bargain at your city's new theater. Such a deal! I adore the cups, super cute!! ... Happy Friday :*)

  2. Enjoy these last few months of pregnancy and don't stress yourself! That quilt is gorgeous and I'm lovin' the floor! Great job!

  3. Those cups are adorable! And I love your new rug! I'm glad you got your flooring issue resolved. Cat pee sucks.

  4. Great to hear you watched a movie by just paying $2, nowadays its very hard to get tickets this cheap. That's why I usually watch movies on my mobile using Nova TV app