Thursday, November 14, 2013

Diaper Bag Dilemma

For months, I convinced myself that I did NOT need a diaper bag. I have a nice big purse, what more do you need, right?! WRONG! I have found post after post on diaper bag reviews and started thinking, am I missing something? Obviously I am. Everyone seems to have a very strong opinion on diaper bags and it's just not something I've even given a second thought.

So here is where you come in. I'm asking for all you experienced moms out there to show me the light.

1. Are diaper bags a necessity?
2. What do you even look for in a diaper bag?
3. Are the only ones worth buying the ones that cost a fortune?
4. What did you use?

Thanks for your help! :) 


  1. We have a 5 year gap between #2 and #3 so we went through 2 diaper bags (one for 1&2 and the second for 3&4). On both occasions we agreed that my hubby would make the ultimate decision on what it would be since there would be times that he had to tote it around.
    Both times it was black.
    Both times it was similar to a laptop bag and never too expensive.
    At no point did we use the bottle warmer/insulated compartment. If we went anywhere we learned to ask for a cup of hot water and a glass of ice water and warmed bottles in the mug.

    We did like the removable changing pad used to place the baby for diaper changes in public places but keep in mind you'll have to disinfect it often.

    The biggest thing we used it for was traveling - so it needed to:
    carry a day or 2 worth of diapers, pack of wipes, formula container or nursing cover, clothing for each day (X2) and the small travel shampoos and medicines.

    *with our youngest at 3 we still keep the diaper back in our vehicle and use it for emergency change of clothes, medications/thermometer/first aid supplies and baby or cleaning wipes.

    Good Luck!!!

  2. I've never heard of anyone not carrying a diaper this is new information to me. I must be really out of the loop.

    I decided when I got pregnant I would invest in a good diaper bag though that I wouldn't be embarrassed to carry. My husband surprised me with the cutest coach diaper bag and I LOVE IT. It's now my purse also.. lol

    The things you need to carry everywhere you go with an infant is crazy, I guess we go out and about to visit family a lot though so I'm always prepared. I have to keep stuff to make her bottles so I'm always carrying an extra bottle, formula and warm water to make bottles on the go. Obviously diapers and wipes. I invested in some disposable changing pads just because the idea of disinfecting a reusable changing pad is kinda gross to me. Plus I carry a toy or two to occupy her if she gets fussy, an extra pacifier just in case and hand sanitizer. A purse would just not suffice for me!

    But you do what works best for you girl. See if you can make it work with just a purse, if you can't then invest in a diaper bag:o)

  3. I chuckled to myself when I read your post because when I got pregnant the first thing I wanted to buy was a diaper bag! Although now that I am a month away from baby arriving, I still have NO diaper bag! I am torn between getting a cute one but not paying an arm and a leg! I know I will be the main diaper bag toter- I do not see my husband carrying it and I know that I will stop carrying a purse so my issue is finding functional, cute, and cheap!

  4. I don't have kids yet, but Hubby and I are thinking in that direction and one of the first things to cross my mind was-I am not carrying some diaper bag. Then I found these:
    JJ Cole Caprice
    Skip Hop Madison
    JJ Cole Satchel
    Kalencom Week-Ender Bag

    All under $100 with pretty good reviews on Amazon. They all look like bags I would carry anyways with the room and pockets and accessories of a diaper bag.

    Whatever you choose, good luck!

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  5. There are some really cute diaper bags on Zulilly right now (click on this link ) They are cheaper than normal. I like the organization of one because of the pockets. I'm considering making one.

  6. Now that I have a 7 week old... A diaper bag is a MUST! We got a Kate Spade at the outlet by my house. I love it Bc it has hooks to hook to my stroller (or any stroller) which is a MUST Bc you don't wNt to be carrying your bag and push your stroller! You also need to make sure you get one with a changing pad Bc you never know when you'll need to change her! Also make sure it has pockets inside for bottles, wipes, etc! You also need to make sure it's big enough to carry your wallet and whatever else you need since you won't be carrying a purse!