Monday, August 27, 2012

YOLO Monday - A Weekend in Pictures

Another weekend has come and gone, but boy was it a good one! Why so good you ask? Well, it happened to be the perfect mix of relaxation and downtime combined with fun activities! Hard to put into words, so I'm just going to share some pictures of the highlights.

Friday started off with my sister-in-law visiting from Richmond. We had a great time catching up, shopping and I even made her a maternity maxi dress like the one here for her birthday! I didn't get a picture of it, but I'll have her send me one once she wears it.

I finally buckled down and got curtains for the windows at the front of our house and I think it truly completes that room. I couldn't be happier with them! Your thoughts?!

Saturday was quite a busy day, I woke up and met my friend for a 9 mile run at 7:30AM! (Yes folks, I chose to do this) For those of you who know me, know what a sacrifice that was seeing as I am NOT a morning person! I will get into more details on the run itself tomorrow, but here are some pictures of the terrain. (glad I didn't break anything!)

After the run, we went to see the Redskins play the Colts at the first preseason game at home. It was a rainy afternoon, but we were lucky enough to have seats inside. Here I am getting pumped for the game! (sorry if you already saw this on my Facebook page, but it's too funny not to share)

Sunday was nice to just get up and lounge around the house in the morning, before heading into work for a few hours. We finished the day with dinner at my parent's. All in all, quite an enjoyable weekend! How was yours?!

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  1. hahahahhaah that last pic of you is hilarious. i love it!! thanks for linking up, girl <3

  2. LOVE the Redskins photo. Hilarious! I also really like your curtains. Good choice!

    Visiting from YOLO Monday!


  3. you look great in pads that is ;) stopping by from #YOLOmondays