Friday, August 31, 2012

Last August High 5!

Thank goodness we finally made it to Friday! I thought today would never come. This week was a roller coaster with many ups and downs, BUT I made it out alive and even managed to make some good memories!

  1.  Milo likes to play with the leftover scraps from the pattern paper (I pretend he is helping me). Isn't he precious?!
  2. Breakfast of Champions! Can't beat a little left over birthday cake to start your day off right.
  3. I'm so ready for fall and two of these little guys will be the perfect addition to our fall decor!
  4. It's official! We are heading to Disney at the end of September! Can't wait to partake in all the fall festivities like Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party! 
  5. Went to the Redskins preseason game on Wednesday with these lovely girls. Notice how it looks like we are on the field? Because we ARE! We got field passes from work!
What were some of your highlights from the week?

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  1. hahahahahah i have had birthday cake every day this week! LOL!

  2. SO jealous about Disney :) and your cat is so cute!!

  3. Oh, man! That birthday cake just hit me in the stomach! Is it just me or does birthday cake taste better than all other cakes?! and Milo is adorable! Great pictures :)

  4. Where are those little guys from? They're so cute!