Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What to Wear Wednesday! - Lilly Edition

In case you didn't already know, my favorite designer is Lilly Pulitzer. My mom introduced me to Lilly at a very young (HUGE mistake according to my husband). She used to wear Lilly back in the 70s and when she rediscovered it at a Bloomingdales in the 90s, my Lilly fate was sealed!

Today seems very fitting to talk about Lilly for a few reasons. One is, they are having an ENORMOUS Summer Sale this week! (I'm talking $50 dresses and $20 shirts....that's dirt cheap y'all!) The second is simply because summer is coming to an end what better way to soak up these last few weeks of freedom before school starts and the cold takes over than by wearing your Lilly while you still can?!

Just to be clear: You will NEVER her of me putting Lilly away (seriously, it's against my fashion code). I am a firm believer that you can wear bright colors no matter what season. Why must we all wear blue, gray and black for the next 6 months? Not me! I won't conform!

I know you're wondering, "How do I wear those fabulous short strapless dresses when it's 50 degrees out?" Well that's easy, pair your favorite summer Lilly with tights and a cardigan! Obviously not every Lilly can be worn all four seasons, but there are definitely plenty that can! When in doubt, check out Lilly's fall line. There are always new prints and dresses coming out to go with the seasons! So express yourself and wear Lilly all year round (if that's what floats your boat)!

Here are some pictures of me in my favorite Lilly :)

Celebrating the first day of summer with our official "Wear your Lilly to Work Day"

Way too excited about a Lilly nightgown I purchased and turned into a tunic dress.

I LOVE this picture of Molly @ still being [Molly] and I when we met up in Chapel Hill :)

A picture of my mom's vintage Lilly!
I even found (husband purchased) Lilly on the cruise ship!
Lilly at the Atlantis!
Even Walt likes Lilly :)
My manager took her scrap Lilly and made me bows!

Share your favorite Lilly looks with me. I would LOVE to see them! Or just tell me how you wear your favorite Lilly looks.