Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Training Update

It's been a while since I've updated you on my Marathon training.  So here it goes!

I have not been as consistent as I want need to be. I am only running 3 days a week so I don't get burnt out (plus that is all the training plan calls for) or hurt. I have no excuses, 3 days a week is a piece of cake and not that big of a time commitment. I just can't seem to get into it.  That is until last week....

I finally bit the bullet and ran 4 miles on Tuesday. Like I mentioned in a previous post, my Tuesday and Thursday runs are just 30-45 min runs. I used to only do 3 miles but decided that since on the weekends I am now doing more than 5, I should run closer to the 45 min threshold (4ish miles) during the week. I was super excited about starting the week off right and getting my first run under my belt.  I hadn't run in about a week, but I was determined to run 4 miles non-stop.  I did it in 36:45! (Excuse my blurry picture. I wanted a picture of the 4 mile time even though my workout wasn't done). This was exactly the ego boost I needed to stay on track and make sure I got through this week's long run.

I ended up skipping Thursday's run due to pure laziness (I need to get it together!). I wish I could tell you I had a better excuse, but I don't. I just didn't want to run and kept putting it off until it was Friday.

I have promised myself that no matter what happens during the week, I WILL do my Saturday long runs. So I woke up Saturday morning not wanting to run (go figure) and decided it was now or never. The weather was mild and perfect for a run and I knew I would regret being lazy.  I have told myself that any run over 5 miles needs to be done outside so I can get used to running in the varying terrain and elements.

Saturday's long run was scheduled to be 7 miles. I have not run that much since the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February! (Ooops) How was going to make it?! I realized pacing myself was going to be key in getting through.  I know I can run 5 miles without stopping, but I would be totally dead and never make it the remaining 2. So to avoid this, my strategy, even the day of the Marathon is to run .9 and then walk .1 of every mile. During the first 2 miles I had a hard time stopping to walk. I was feeling great and didn't want to mess up my grove! I buckled down and stuck with the plan and made it the entire 7 miles! Huge accomplishment! (I seriously contemplated turning around at 4.5 miles but knew I would deeply regret it if I did.)

My goal for the Marathon is to complete it in 4:45 which translates to 11 min miles. Not a super fast pace, but for my first Marathon I think it's a good goal.  Afterall, during the Disney Princess Half I ended up running 12:30 min miles. So this would be a HUGE improvement: twice the distance and 1.5 min off each mile. I'll take it!!

With all that said, I wanted to complete this run in under 77 min. I was so excited that I finished with a 10:59 min mile average pace, but forgot to stop the clock! (AHHH Rookie mistake!) That's why what you see below shows my mile pace as 11:01 and 77:12 for my time. Oh well, close enough!

This week, I am running my Tuesday AND Thursday run plusSaturday's run is only 4 miles! I've totally got this! I guess I better enjoy it while it lasts, next week is 9 miles for the long run! I guess the good news for adding up the miles this early is I will be more than ready for the Army 10 Miler in October!

Are you training for anything? Leave me a comment below telling me about your training plan!


  1. Oh I was looking at the Army 10 miler as a goal but decided too late to register. I look forward to hearing about that in October. Keep up the good work!

    1. It's not too late! The registration usually sells out in less than 12 hours, BUT people are always selling their registrations. If you REALLY want to, just go to the website (http://www.armytenmiler.com/registration/online-transfer-program.htm) to take part in the online transfer program. You have until the 31st! DOOO ITTT!