Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Training Tuesdays - Week 8

I had a GREAT training week! As you know, my marathon training plan has me running 3 days a week; two short, maintenance runs and a long run on Saturday. I just completed Week 8 and am pumped to start week 9!

Week 8 recap:
Tuesday: 3.3 miles in 30min
Thursday:3.5 miles in 30 min
Saturday: 4 miles (35:47)

This week, my maintenance runs will be 40 -45 minutes so I can be prepared for my 9 mile run on Saturday! (I know, scary) For this run, I will be running a beautiful outside trail just a few miles away, but what's even better is I will have company! Below is the route we are following:

Here's to hoping I don't embarrass myself and  my partner and I keep a similar pace so we can train together!

To help keep me focused on training, I have also signed up for a few races before the marathon. I will be doing the Heritage Hunt Half Marathon on October 14th and then the Army 10 Miler the next weekend on the 20th. I can't wait to get a decent proof of time that I can submit to Disney for the full. I'm hoping to submit better than the 2:44 half marathon time that is currently on file (that's about a 12:30 mile pace). Normally I wouldn't worry about a proof of time, however, when you're running such a large race like the Disney ones with a bagillion people, it helps to be in the front few corrals. Otherwise, you end up in the last coral and having to bob and weave through everyone. We ended up running an extra half mile because of this!

I have a ton of race bibs and am looking for a crafty way to display them. I have some ideas, but am looking for more. Leave me some inspiration!

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  1. you are kicking butt. i know a lot of runners get cute shadow boxes to display all their stuff. you should do that!