Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Warning: This is an extremely Disney Nerd post - proceed with caution.

For a few years now, I've seen these Disney inspired outfits on Pinterest where they modeled an everyday outfit after a Disney character. But it wasn't until last week, that my friend told me it's a real thing. People take these outfits that they create on sites like Polyvore and wear them to the parks; it's called DisneyBounding, and apparently it's pretty huge. In fact, there is a whole tumblr account dedicated to it. 

Since I have a few trips coming up, I figure why not give it a try and see if it's really all that it's cracked up to be. After all, I already subconsciously dress in Disney themes while I'm there, so this is the same thing just with a little more planning involved, right?

What I like about this is it allows me to show my Disney side without sacrificing fashion by looking like a tourist. So off to Polyvore I went to create a few looks that I'm going to give a try. 

Disneybound Minnie Mouse

I already own most of this outfit (shocking, I know). The goal is to actually be able to recreate these looks without going broke from having to buy tons of new outfits. The ears, bracelets, jeans and purse I already own, so I just need to get some yellow shoes and a good Minnie Mouse polka dot top to sport this look.

Disneybound Ariel

This Ariel outfit is probably my favorite. So much so that I would probably wear this to work. The belt, shoes, bow and dress (similar) I already own. I just need to get some fun seashell jewelry and a purple cardigan and I'll be all set! 
Disneybound Donald Duck

Nautical is so in right now so I thought I'd give Donald Duck a try. This one I don't have much for, but I think I could do it on the cheap. I just need to get a good sailor dress, some nautical earrings and reuse the yellow shoes from the Minnie outfit.

So hopefully you are still reading and aren't judging too hard right now, but I totally understand if you are. I know this isn't for everyone, but I just wanted to let my Disney nerd side out. These DisneyBound outfits give me something different to plan for and do while on my trips. Stay tuned for them in action!


  1. OMG....love this! I've definitely thought about doing this next time I get to Disney....I"ll look forward to seeing your outfits in action!

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