Friday, July 11, 2014

High Five for Friday

I am so ready for this weekend, it's not even funny. While we had a blast last weekend down at the river, I couldn't be happier just staying home for this weekend with absolutely no plans. I have been up late every night this week sewing, so it will be nice to get caught up on sleep as well. Thank goodness the week flew by!
Here are my highlights from the week!
  1. Charlotte donned her bathing suit and braved the water over the weekend. She didn't actually go in or even explore the boat since we kept her strapped in her carrier the whole time unless we were docked. But she did look the part! Selfies on the boat!
  2. We've had a rough week with what I think is teething. It could also have been a cold. Regardless, my friend told me about these teething sticks so I decided to give them a try. So far so good! Charlotte really likes gnawing down on them.
  3. Since this weekend consisted of a lot of boat rides, what would a high five post be without an awesome selfie of my sister-in-law and me?! This was taken after our family let us drift away on a raft and were finally rescued.
  4. My crazy cat lady self came out. I couldn't resist these awesome cat outfits for Charlotte while running an errand in the mall. I can NOT wait to put these on her!
  5. If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know about the real highlight of my week; meeting Gio Gonzalez (pitcher for the Washington Nationals). I went to the game with my mom on Monday night and he was signing autographs in the teams store. I of course had to stop and say hi, get an autograph and of course a picture to document!
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  1. LOVE those cat dresses!! I'm also a crazy cat lady :)

  2. I love going to Nats games! Looks like a great week :)

  3. Oh my goodness, those cat dresses!! So adorable!

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