Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Charlotte's Six Month Update

Today is Charlotte's half birthday and you know what that means? Another monthly update! I love watching her change from month to month and documenting all her milestones. Hopefully, one day she will look back on all these posts as a sort of time capsule of her little life.

Eating: This past month was spent exploring new foods. We introduced baby food and to say she loves it is an understatement. Seriously, she has not made a face at anything we've given her. We started with vegetables and introduced a new one every three or four days to make sure she had no issues. This week, we will start introducing fruits which I'm sure she'll love just as much, if not, even more. Currently, she eats two meals a day of baby food, with about 26-28oz of formula which is much better than the 36oz of formula she was eating last month.

Sleeping: We have started to face some challenges on getting Charlotte down for the night, but in the grand scheme of things, it's nothing. She starts acting tired around 7pm so we get her ready for bed and put her down. Then the screaming begins. We know there is nothing wrong with her (besidses the occosaional teething pain), but she will roll around in her crib screaming. After 15 minutes, one of us will go in and give her her pacifier and another kiss goodnight. Usually she will cry for another five minutes or so and then fall asleep for the night.

Mornings are usually pretty easy. She gets up between 5:30 and 6 and after a quick diaper change and a bottle, she will go back to sleep for a few hours, which is especially nice on the weekends.

Charlotte has become much more interactive over the past few weeks and I can tell she is going to be hard to keep up with! She loves playing, bouncing and talking to her animals in her exersaucer. When she's not in that, she loves to independently sit on her own and play with toys that are in her reach. I think in the next month or so she will be able to scoot around or better yet, crawl. She likes to stand while holding your hands and will hang out there for minutes at a time. She still has such a sweet personality and will smile at everyone.

Starting to like Minnie more and more. Look how far she's come!

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  1. I love these updates, but I have to admit I'm a little sad the horrified Minnie picture didn't happen...although I know it's good she's getting used to her :)

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