Monday, February 10, 2014

Charlotte's 1 Month Update

Like every mom out there, I can't believe how fast time is going by. It feels like we brought Charlotte home last week but she's already a month old! I love watching her change and grow every week. Even the littlest of milestones are exciting.

Eating - Charlotte isn't the most consistent baby. She loves food, but how much and how often is up to her. She usually eats three to four ounces but sometimes will only take two. We try to feed her essentially an ounce an hour. So if she eats three ounces, we expect to feed her in three hours. That doesn't always work and sometimes she wants to eat every two hours. It can be frustrating not always knowing when she'll want to eat next, but as long as we are prepared with bottles, it's not really a problem.

Sleeping - Like most babies, Charlotte likes her sleep. Although, she seems to be awake more and more the older she gets. I love how alert she is and all the sweet noises she makes, but it's nice when she sleeps too. There have been days when she'll only sleep for 15 minutes at a time which makes for an exhausting day. But I'm learning that taking her out to run errands helps to get her to sleep during the day. We've also learned that the louder it is, the sounder she'll sleep. We took her to a friends house to watch the Super Bowl and she didn't wake up during the five hours we were there, not even to eat! 

Some nights are better than others, but for the most part she only wakes up to eat which is usually about every 3 hours. She sleeps in our room in her rock-n-play which seems to work our well since it elevates her a little and vibrates. If she gets fussy, I can reach out and rock her back to sleep. We really can't complain, we have a good sleeper....for now!

 Couldn't resist sharing this awesome picture of her giving Minnie the stink eye.

Likes and Dislikes - Charlotte likes being wrapped in a blanket and warm at all times. She hates waiting for a bottle and the constant gas pains that are associated with eating (thank goodness for gripe water and gentle ease formula). She loves being held as much as possible and uses her Wubanub as a way to self soothe.

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  1. So cute! Can't believe a month has gone by already!

  2. Where does the time go?!! You are so creative that I can't stand it. Love these photos! Happy One Month Birthday Charlotte :)

  3. She's sooo adorable! I can not wait for my little to get here in July. I am so excited for my own little chubby cheeks and soft skin to cuddle.

    That picture with Minnie and the stink eye is amazing. Just saying!

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