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DIY Boutique Bows

If you follow this blog, then you've probably already seen the DIY bow post I did a while back. Today I'm going to show you an alternate way to make the same style bow. Personally, I like the end result of these much better. Don't let the amount of pictures and steps intimidate you because this is super easy to do. I just wanted to make it as detailed as possible.

What you need:
25" of 1.5" width ribbon
7"of 3/8" width ribbon (one piece cut 5" and another 2")
18" of 1" width ribbon (optional)
Aligator clip
Tape measure
Step 1: Take the main ribbon you want the bow made out of and fold one side to measure 4.5 inches. This will vary depending on the size of bow you want. You can make this fold longer or shorter to change the overall size of your bow. For this tutorial, I am making a 4.5 inch long bow.

Step 2: Now take the long end and fold it up towards the first loop you made and bring it around the back so you now have two loops.

Step 3: This is the tricky part. After you make the second loop, take the loose end from the back and tuck it between the first and second layer in the back. Hopefully the picture kind illustrates it as this is the key part.

Step 4: Once you have that back piece tucked in, you will bring the tail up to the front. The ribbon doesn't naturally want to go this way, so be sure to hold it all together. Don't worry, if it falls apart a few times, just practice looping and you will get it.

Step 5: Using both hands, you want fold the sides in towards the center and then peel the outer edges away from the center towards the back. This creates the pucker you see below. It doesn't have to be perfect. you can even just pinch in the middle and you will get the same effect. At this point, transfer it to one and hold the center together with your thumb and first finger.

Step 6: While holding the bow in one hand, take your piece of thread and wrap it around the center. This will hold everything in place while you put the finishing touches on. Wrap it around as many times as it takes to make it feel tight. Then tie your two end in a knot on the back to secure it.

Step 7: This is the point where you get the bow exactly how you want it. For instance, I never tie the thread in the middle the first time, so I just slide it down until it is centered. Once it's centered, I fan out the loops a little bit to make it as symmetrical as I can. During this step I take the opportunity to finish the tails. First I cut off any extra ribbon at an angle to give it that polished finish. Then I take a lighter to the ends which will keep them from fraying.

At this point, if you want to make a stacked bow, go ahead and take your medium sized ribbon and follow the steps above to make a smaller bow. You will place it on top of the bigger bow and follow the rest of the steps below.

Step 8: Take the 2" piece of your skinny ribbon and put a glue dot on one end and press it to the back of the bow.

Step 9: Now just wrap (as tight as you can) around the bow. When you get the back again, put some glue on the end to close it up.

I made mine a double bow, but here is what it should look like now that you have made the center.

Step 10: The last step is to make the alligator clip. Take the 5" piece of skinny ribbon and put a strip of glue on one end. In one hand, open up the alligator clip place the ribbon down on the flat end (this is the end you want to cover).

Step 11: Now that you have it in place, add some more glue to loose side and place over the flat piece so that you are wrapping it around. Make sure you can still open and close the clip.

Step 12: Keep adding a little glue at a time and wrap the top part of the clip. You will cut it off and stop wrapping once you reach the other side. You leave this side exposed so it slides into your hair easier and holds better.

Step 13: Glue the clip to the bow ribbon side down.

I know it was a lot of steps, but hopefully it was broken down enough to make sense. I know the beginning can be tricky and it will definitely take a few times to fold it just right but just keep working it and once you get it, it will be super easy!

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