Monday, March 25, 2013

The Fish Extender Experience

I promise this will be the last time you have to hear about Fish Extenders (at least until I go on another Disney cruise)! But ever since I've been back, I've had people asking me how it went. And I must say, my experience was WONDERFUL! I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to be associated with for my first time!

 If you have kids and are going on a Disney cruise, then this is a MUST! We don't have kids, but even my husband (who didn't understand what I was doing this when we started) was getting into it. Nearly every time we came back to our cabin we had gifts waiting for us and it was so much fun to see what everyone else did. So much creativity!

Here is a quick glimpse of everything we received. I still can't believe the thought and time that was put in to each and every one of these gifts!

This Minnie Mouse pot holder was hand made! Above it are coffee cup sleeves that resemble Mickey's outfit.

We got a collection of bookmarks and CDs as well as notebooks. Another thoughtful and useful gift was the laminated index card that served as a quick reference guide for main areas of the ship. SUPER helpful for first time cruisers for sure!

Here are some trading pins, flashlights, key chains, tissues, sanitizer and a variety of other useful things that I actually ended up using while on board!

We decorated our door with this awesome dry erase board and magnets. I was bad and forgot to get a picture of our door on the last day of the cruise with everything on it!

We got three awesome pre-made scrapbooks that are only missing our pictures from the week. Talk about making it easy on us to document the trip. I thought this was a GREAT idea!

My only regret would be not having the means to properly thank everyone. Contact information such as an email address would have been nice to be able to send personal notes back. Hopefully some people will read this and see how truly grateful I am for all the goodies we got!

What did I give? In case you missed it from previous posts, here is what made!

Girls - Hair bows
Boys - Styrofoam planes (not pictured but similar here)
Men - Embroidered cozies
Women - Key chains

Happy Monday everyone! I'm linking up with Molly @ still being Molly for YOLO Monday's!


  1. OMG look at all that swag! and love what you gave!

  2. Love all the fun little things you guys got!

  3. Disney is the best no matter what age you are. I've heard their cruises are awesome!!

  4. I NEED THAT COFFEE SLEEVE! hahaha so cute!!!

  5. Love your FE ideas. May I ask where you found the DCL ribbon? I can't find it anywhere!

  6. Hi Melissa.. I really hope you see this message..
    2 quick questions: Where did you find the ribbon you made the key chains and bows with? AND Where did you get the koozies embroidered? these are some great FE gifts..
    Thanks in advance