Friday, March 15, 2013


So happy to have a short work week in the office after all that traveling. Don't get me wrong, the cruise was my vacation and Vegas was fun but only having about 6 hours in between the two was exhausting! I'm finally getting caught up on unpacking and laundry. Maybe next week I can get back into a work out routine! (We've all heard that before!)

I had so many things to high five about over the last few weeks, but wanted to try and share some things I haven't shared yet.
  1. This is my second time flying into Vegas and you really can't beat the view. I'm so used to flying on the east coast over water that this mountain view was truly breathtaking.
  2. I know this photo was on yesterday's post, but it was so nice to get my HDR editing software (Photomatix) up and running on my new computer! Gave me some inspiration to take more HDR pictures!
  3. Can't beat a good view of the Vegas strip. Again, I've only been twice so it still amazes me.
  4. This was the last night of our cruise and I FINALLY got a picture with Minnie in her cruise outfit! LOVE!
  5. Coming home to Milo is the best part about being home. He usually doesn't snuggle with me, but the other day after work, all he wanted to do was nap next to me in my arms. (Yes, I'm aware I sound like a crazy cat lady - sorry that I'm not sorry)
I literally just realized St. Patrick's day is Sunday and I have no plans! Must find an Irish Pub and drink a beer at the very least. Good luck to all my friends who are running any races this weekend! I'm going to be back out there soon!

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  1. So jealous that you are in Vegas! I haven't been in a loooong time, before I was 21. Hope you have fun!