Friday, March 1, 2013

High Five Disney Cruise Style!

I have been a bad blogger this week and next week will be even worse. I spent the week running around getting everything finalized for our trip! In case you didn't know, (not sure how you've missed this as it's all I've talked about for the last few months) I'm going on a week log Disney Cruise tomorrow! We are all so excited to get on that ship tomorrow! Unfortunately, I wasn't organized enough to schedule posts for next week, but no need to fear! I'll be back in full force when I get back.

Onto my top 5 things from this week!
  1. As you see, I'm all packed and ready to go! I feel like I've overpacked but one bag is dedicated to our FE gifts. Plus, a girl has to look fabulous in the Caribbean! Not to mention I could get stranded right?! 
  2. Look at Milo working the camera. We napped after this picture and it made my day because he never naps with me. He loves my husband more I've decided. 
  3. Look at this new bathing suit! It's from Eco Swim (bought from Ebay) and is so cute not to mention flattering. Just be sure to size up! 
  4. Ok, this is embarrassing but I couldn't leave it out. My boss and I decided this would be a fun afternoon to put these on and see if anyone would notice. We were crying from laughing so hard! Hysterical! 
  5. Yay for getting a great manicure and pedicure for the cruise!
Off I go! Bon Voyage everyone!

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  1. Awwww does this mean you are coming down to my side of town? The Disney cruises have started to ship out of Miami just recently! Hope you are having a blast!

    Your 'stache idea is supper funny!!!
    I must say that Milo is the cutest and I love the color on your nails...xoxo


    Andie's Traveling Pants

  2. Hi Melissa!
    Following you from Emily @Newlywed Moments page since she linked up with my 'I love our sponsors' link up ( I can't wait to get to know you better!

  3. Have a great trip...cant wait for a trip report!! we just booked a trip to disney in may. ahhhh love it.
    say hi to mickey for me!


  4. I hope your trip is and was wonderful! :) Milo is adorable!