Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Getting Skinny

Here we go again! I do these "fresh start" posts periodically as an attempt to hold myself accountable (which was this blog's original purpose), but fail every time. This weekend marked three years since I started Weight Watchers for the first time in hopes to lose weight for my wedding. After three years what do I have to show for all that? Absolutely NOTHING. I am right where I was when I started, can you believe it?! How you ask? During those three years I managed to lose nearly 30 lbs and gain every last pound back.

So I got to thinking.  How was I successful three years ago? Weight Watchers. I followed the points system religiously and began running. It was that simple. Simple in the fact that I CAN do this because I HAVE done this. Not simple in that it takes a whole lot of willpower and commitment.

The cruise has come and gone, but summer is quickly approaching and with that so is another birthday. I have exactly three months (before I turn 27 and I want to start that year off right!). Not to mention I can't afford for my summer wardrobe to not fit!) So let it be written: I WILL do this...again., but not without your help. I need to be held accountable. Leave me messages asking about my progress as a friendly reminder to stay on track and I will post my weigh-ins every Tuesday (like I was trying to do before) with no excuses. DEAL?

If you too are looking for a fresh start, join me! The more the merrier!

Yesterday was my first day counting points again and I quickly realized how much I have been eating lately. I came home from work with just 8 points left and felt like I resisted temptation all day. I managed to not go out to dinner (my weakness because I despise cooking) and made tacos. I should have only had two but somehow my brain told my stomach we were still hungry. So three tacos later I was 8 points over for the day. Leave it to me to screw up day one.

I'm not dwelling on this because I did well during the day and drank over 100oz of water and didn't eat anything I shouldn't have (until dinner of course). I thought of today as a practice day/reality check.

Here is today's official weigh in - Never thought I would see those numbers again.


  1. If you want it, then you'll do it! Go get 'em!

  2. you can totally do it, mel!! seriously. i know you can!!!! WAHOO!!!!!

  3. I'm sure you'll be back in the swing of things soon! Good luck!