Monday, October 13, 2014

Charlotte's 9 Month Update

Let me start by saying these aren't the best pictures. Now that Charlotte is mobile and truly has a mind of her own, getting her to sit still is next to impossible. Good thing we only have to do this three more times! Physically I don't think she's changed that month, but developmentally she has grown so much in just one short month!

Eating: Charlotte is still such a good eater. She will eat anything we give her and only makes a face when she's trying a food for the first time. She still likes it, just unsure at first. We introduced meat to her this month and just like everything else, she loves it! Although she primarily eats pureed baby food, we are starting to give her real food since she has plenty of teeth to break it all down.

Sleeping: Nothing really new to report on this front. We are still so grateful that she sleeps as well as she does. And now that the sun comes up later, so does Charlotte! I feel bad on the weekends because we won't wake up until 8 or 8:30 because she's so quiet. She'll just sit in her crib talking to herself until we come and get her. We finally have a little weekend routine where she goes down for a nap between 9 and 9:30 and will sleep for a few hours. This is when we get all the stuff around the house done!

So many milestones this month! Charlotte can now pull herself up on just about anything. She loves to stand while holding on, although a few times I've caught her standing by herself and before she loses her balance, she will slowly squat down to sitting on the floor. She gets into everything which has brought on a new challenge; baby proofing! Now that she has teeth we hear all sorts of new noises from her, but my favorite is when she's playing and starts whispering like she has something super important to tell you. She loves remotes and any unconventional toy, and does not like when we take things away from her. She only cries when she's tired or hungry, which makes for such a pleasant baby the rest of the time!

We are no longer concerned about Minnie Mouse, in fact you could say we are best friends now!

I think we have gotten over the stranger danger issue. She doesn't instantly melt down and go into hysterics when she sees a man. Now she is just a little apprehensive which I'll take any day over the breakdown we used to have.

I can't wait to celebrate the holiday season with her while she is at such a fun age. These next three months are going to fly by, but be so much fun!

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