Friday, October 24, 2014

High Five for Friday!

  1. Monograms, monograms and more monograms. Who wants one of these awesome monogrammed vests?! Check my Instagram tonight for a flash sale of my entire inventory of vests! I will monogram and ship for $45!
  2. Who doesn't love a fire-pit on a nice cool fall night?! We spent some quality time with our family over the weekend and it's moments like this, under the stars with a warm fire and a drink in my hand that makes all my problems insignificant.
  3. Charlotte is already looking up to her older cousin. He is so sweet to her by making sure she has all her toys and books. 
  4. We had so much fun celebrating my mother-in-law's birthday at Tides Inn. Charlotte got a special souvenir (the stuffed crab hanging from her mouth), and it hasn't left her sight since.
  5. We had donuts in the office yesterday, so of course I had to wear my matching donut sweater!
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