Friday, October 10, 2014

High Five for Friday - Back for Real This Time!

I really appreciate all the emails and texts asking if everything is ok because I haven't blogged in so long. Everything is perfect! I've just been focusing on trying to keep a healthy balance of work, blogging, embroidering and family. And when doing so, I found that blogging was the one thing that wasn't making the cut every day. Plus, I didn't have any new tutorials, outfits or fun updates to share since my focus was keeping my head above water. 

Now that that's out of the way, let's talk about this past week!
  1. My mom went to a quilt show and grabbed some treats for me! It may look boring to you, but this is gold in my house. Sticky stabilizer, 14 spools of thread and a spool holder for the larger spools.
  2. This past week I was in Baltimore for work and this was the view from the hotel! Too bad the Oriole's didn't play while I was there.
  3. Charlotte loves running around the house while sitting on Daddy's shoulders. It's so fun to watch the two of them play!
  4. Even though we were watching the Nats play, since we were in Baltimore we were drinking Natty Boh from Oriole's cans. When in Rome....
  5. Saturday was an impromptu girls day where Charlotte and I met my friend and her daughter for lunch. Charlotte enjoyed herself, even though she looks unimpressed in this picture.
Thanks for sticking around during my crazy month of no blogging. I promise to be back in full swing with Charlotte's 9 month update on Monday!

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  1. Charlotte is so adorable! Never heard of that beer, hope it was good.