Friday, August 8, 2014

High Five, Y'all

  1. Gymboree was having an awesome sale so I couldn't resist picking up this little sailor outfit for Charlotte. I've decided she looks like a little Donald Duck and will have to wear this in Disney next month!
  2. I am the worst about refilling my water bottle at work during the day, so I got this awesome pitcher to keep at my desk. I definitely drink more water but have yet to drink the entire thing in one's 148 ounces!
  3. Football season is finally here!!!!! My friend and I went to the preseason game last night against the Patriots and we won! Even better news - since we scored more than 20 points and it was a home game, you can get a free sub at Subway today! Get the coupon and enjoy an almost free lunch (still have to purchase a drink and chips).
  4. My weakness....a giant chocolate chip cookie! Ordered pizza with my family earlier in the week and somehow was convinced this was a good idea. ooops, oh well, it was delicious!
  5. I spent a few late nights this week implementing a new blog design! I love change and was itching for something different....what do you think? 
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