Friday, August 1, 2014

High Five for Friday!

I seriously have no idea where this week went. I've been so busy getting stuff done and yet I still feel super behind on stuff. The work days are flying by and I find myself wishing I had at least two more hours a night to work on blogging and crafting. The truth is, I don't have that kind of time, so I'm working on prioritizing and learning to let some things go. It's ok if my house isn't clean and if I didn't have a blog post written for the next day. What is important is that I'm putting my family first and taking time out of each day to do something for myself. So in a nutshell, that's why posts have been a little thin lately.

Regardless of all that nonsense, I will always have my five highlights from the week to share because I find that even if life is crazy and not all the time good, it's important to dig down (sometimes really deep) and find the things that made you happy. And suddenly the rest of the stuff seems to not be so bad.

  1. Part of being so busy this week was because my friend and I made 80 koozies for our company team day! I thought we would never finish! It was super nice to take a day off work and team build with our our company as we hosted our first ever Olympics! 
  2. Ulta haul - I may or may not have gotten a little carried away but I was way overdue for a makeup revamp. I spent a few hours over the weekend watching various makeup tutorials to see what I could do differently. It of course lead me to my closest Ulta to pick up a few necessities. ;) 
  3. By far the highlight of my week was getting to see Billy Joel in concert! My friend invited me along and we had a blast. Our pictures aren't the greatest, but I have some pretty awesome memories that will be hard to forget.
  4. I love watching Charlotte grow every single day. She gets sweeter and sweeter as her little personality develops. I finally found an outfit and a use for my Ariel bow that I've had for 4 years! 
  5. I was perusing Pinterest and stumbled across this little gem; Disney Jamberry nails! I have been hearing a lot about Jamberry these days and decided these would be the perfect ones to try. Melissa over at Jamberry designs and sells these ones in particular. She also customizes so many other patterns that you won't find on the basic website.
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