Friday, February 7, 2014

High Five Time!

I have to admit, Fridays aren't as exciting when you're home all day every day. I still look forward to the weekend though, just for different reasons. Instead of celebrating the end of a work week and the start of a lazy weekend, I can't wait to spend time with my husband and be able to split baby duty! It's the little things.

I apologize in advance for the multiple Charlotte pictures, but since I don't get out as much these days, my high fiveable moments consist of our little girl. Sorry that I'm not sorry! ;)

  1. Milo is definitely getting less attention these days, but he's handling it quite well. So far he hasn't really acted out or done anything out of the ordinary. When we do get the chance to snuggle him, he loves it.
  2. For Christmas my sister got me a 6 month subscription to Casetagram. I love it! Every month I get to choose my pictures and design my own case.
  3. Even though the Super Bowl was boring, Charlotte still wanted to show her football spirit. I couldn't help but put this outfit together. Probably my favorite so far.
  4. We are all getting used to this whole bath time thing. I'm learning to be prepared so she stays happy (no baby likes to be cold and wet). I couldn't help but snap this picture of her completely content after her bath.
  5. If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably already seen this picture. I felt like I finally got a hold of this whole mom thing for a minute and was able to multi-task to get a few chores done all while enjoying a glass of wine with a happy baby.
Another successful week here at home and now that Charlotte is almost a month old, time actually feels like it's flying by so quick. I know everyone says that, but it's so true!

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  1. Yeah for happy babies! Sounds like a great week.

    My Wholesome Home

  2. It goes so fast. My son was born early and is not a little over a month. I'm so fast at how it went, and surprised at how fast he grew out of preemie clothing. I say, get all the baby snuggles in while you can.

    I love her football leggings.

  3. She looks a lot like you! I love those football leggings!! :)