Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Charlotte's Newborn Pictures

I'm so excited to finally share Charlotte's newborn photo shoot with you! We had planned this newborn session well before she was even born so you can only imagine my excitement when the day came. Professional photo shoots are very popular right now and after experiencing one, I can see why.

We did the shoot at the photographer, Aimee's house since she has a studio and all the props right there ready to go. All we had to worry about was bringing Charlotte and any special outfits we wanted her photographed in which made for a stress free photo shoot. Of course, I had a few outfits in mind like her Minnie Mouse crochet outfit and her adorable ruffled romper. The rest was part of Aimee's collection.

Not only did Aimee get some great shots of Charlotte, but I had no idea what goes in to making a newborn cooperate for a photo shoot. She knew exactly what to do! There was lots of snuggling, pacifiers and of course lots of patience. She also asked in advance for me to have a bottle ready in case of a meltdown. it was a good thing we did that because within the 30 minutes of the shoot, Charlotte demanded a bottle. After that, things went pretty smooth, with the help of Aimee of course! Look how content she looks!

Look at this adorable collage she made for us! I love her idea of capturing all those little baby features that will soon not be so little. She can also design a Facebook cover photo and birth announcements! So if your in the Northern Virginia area, be sure to check out Aimee Keller Photography!


  1. These photos are beautiful, I'm obsessed with photography especially new borns. I hope to one day create photos just like this. She is gorgeous :)

    clair x

  2. Oh my goodness. The Micky hat and skirt? I die. So precious! I'm also really glad you got pictures of all the little things, ears, toes, lips..we forget that stuff so fast. It's nice to have the memory:)

  3. She is so beautiful! I love the close up collage, so special!

  4. What beautiful photographs! Charlotte is absolutely adorable. I'm just starting to look into photographers, too bad I'm on the opposite coast!

    My Wholesome Home

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