Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Weekly Weigh In - Week 4

Staying motivated is the key. I just completed my 4th week of making an effort to get back to where I was just a few years ago. It is challenging to say the least. Everyday, I pass up temptations but still feel guilty that I could've done better. I just have to keep telling myself that I am cutting a lot of bad food out and getting into better habits in general.

Even if it's only a few ounces, a loss is a loss. I know I say that a lot, but hopefully I start believing it. I keep wanting bigger numbers every week, but then quickly tell myself to just be happy for not gaining.

So here are the numbers:

This week I lost .4lbs which brings my total weight loss to 6lbs in 4 weeks.

I'm satisfied with the progress I've made so far, but I think I'll actually be happy once I get out of the 150s, then I'll really feel like I've done something!

Here's what I did in the way of running this week:

Thursday - 4 miles
Saturday - 6.2 miles (Monument 10K)
Sunday - 4.5 mile walk
Monday - 3 miles

Here's to another week! Tell me know how you are doing with your goals!

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  1. That's awesome that you're sticking with it! Congrats!