Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Training Tuesday - Oct 9

Why is it that after a vacation you are left feeling more tired and behind then you were before you left?! While I managed to get ALL my runs in while in Disney, I came home with no motivation. I should have run Thursday and Saturday, but instead I skipped them......

 At least I was motivated while on vacay! Working out with the gym all to myself!

I'm over being upset about it. I still have 3 months before the marathon and 2 runs aren't going to make or break me. I attempted the long run twice this week but have decided to just let it go. I wanted to run the half marathon course that I'm doing this weekend to get a feel for it, but work stood in the way on Saturday and weather prevented me from doing it on Sunday. (Read: Chickened out) It was decided that my running partner and I would give it a try after work on Monday....NOT! He was feeling under the weather and I talked to my friend who has run a number of marathons and she told me I'd be stupid if I ran 13 miles just 1 week before my 13 mile race. Just the justification I needed! You don't have to tell me twice! So long story short, I've decided to run 5 miles tonight and 4 miles on Thursday. Then the race will be on Sunday. 

So there you have it, my boring and not so successful training update. I love hearing about everyone else's training plans so link up with me and share!


  1. Someone that I know running NYC just posted a few days ago that NYC sent out an email saying that you should feel 100% confident in yourself if you've done 80% of the training. They even said if you've done more than 80% you might want to also make sure that you're not overtraining. So interesting. All that to say that I think it's okay if you're cutting back before your half. Good luck this week!