Monday, October 29, 2012

DIY - Light Up Pumpkins

After a fun trip to Vegas, I'm on the road yet again for another trade show. This time I'm in sunny Florida with no pending hurricanes coming my way! And for those of you who were wondering, yes I will be making an appearance in Disney World when I have the time.

As for today, I wanted to show you a project my friend Mandy (from Totes Delish) and I did together. And if I may so myself, they are pretty much the cutest things EVER! (not to mention, super simple and easy to do)

Ok on to how you make these little beauties. First, we went to Michael's and picked up our fake pumpkins. We wanted to use artificial ones so we could reuse them year after year. Plus, hollowing out a pumpkin is super messy! We got our pumpkins for 50% off so they were $15, $7, and $4. The other supplies we used were Christmas lights, and ribbon. The Christmas lights were super cheap because we got the shortest strand they hand.

The hardest part came next. We had to decide what design to do on each pumpkin. I chose, a big "B", random holes for my small pumpkin, and of course a Minnie Mouse!

The easiest way to make your design is to sketch it out on the pumpkin with a pencil then take anything sharp and make little indents where you want the holes to be.

 If you look close, you can see the outline of the "B" before I drilled.

All you have to do now is take a drill and drill those intentions all the way through to bring you pattern to life!

Thanks Mandy for demonstrating! Oh and, don't forget, safety first!

Cut a whole in the bottom of the pumpkin and that will be where you put the Christmas lights. Now all that's left is to tie a bow or add decorative ribbon however you want to the stem and there you have it! You too are now a proud owner of an ADORABLE light up pumpkin!

I LOVE how they turned out! Now it's your turn. Send me pictures of how yours turned out!

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  1. those turned out super cute!! hey tomorrow you should link up for Tell me about it Tuesday!! Stuff like this would be perfect for it!

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  2. These are so cute! I would have been so dissapointed if you hadn't done something Disney. I want that M. It's so pretty!

  3. Oh this is so so cute!! I've always wondered how to do this! Love how yours turned out! :) And love your blog!

  4. What a great idea! :) I have to try this, thanks for sharing!

  5. SUCH a great idea! Definitely doing this :)