Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Training Tuesday - Half Marathon Results

So as most of you know, I ran my second half marathon ever this past weekend and it was....AWESOME! I went into this race with a good amount of confidence due to the fact I've done a fairly good job keeping with my training. Instead of just finishing (I knew that wouldn't be a problem) I set a time goal for this race. My goal was to finish in under 2:30 which would be 14 minutes faster than the Disney Princess Half Marathon.

When I walked up to meet my friends Sunday morning, I suddenly got very nervous and immediately regretted setting a time goal. Regardless, I was there, and had no choice but to run.

It started our cold and dark (the sun wasn't even up yet!) but within a few minutes, I was warmed up and feeling good. We ran 7 miles without stopping which I was very happy with our pace. At that point I realized finishing under 2:30 was not going to be an issue. Now the game was to see how far under 2:30 I could get!

Mile 10 was when things got super challenging. Mike had running gels and was able to refuel which made him energized and able to keep me going. The last bit of the race was a lap on the high school track and let me tell you, there is nothing more defeating then turning the corner and hoping you are done only to have to get on a race track and run one last giant circle. At the very end, Mike stopped and waited for me to catch up so we could cross the finish line at the same time. Talk about being a team!
Dying to know my time?!!! Drum roll please.....2:17:15!!!!!!! Yes, you read that right, I beat my time by 27 MINUTES! Can you tell I'm happy?!

So what's on the schedule this week? I am recovering by only running 2 short easy runs before another race on Sunday, The Army 10 Miler.

Keep me updated on your training programs! If I can do it, so can YOU!


  1. Look at you!! That's awesome!! You killed it! Congrats!!

  2. I'm so inspired!!! I have my race this Sunday and I'm very nervous!

  3. I can totally relate to the mix of nerves and excitement that come with setting a specific time goal for a race. It's understandable to have second thoughts, but I'm glad you didn't let that deter you. Once you started running, it sounds like you found your rhythm and the miles just flew by. Running 7 miles without stopping is a fantastic accomplishment I also took place in this race and due to this i hire a person who Write Assignments For Me, and it must have given you a huge confidence boost. Mile 10 can be a real challenge in any race, but it's great that you had a supportive friend like Mike to keep you going with those energy-boosting gels. And even though the last part of the race on the high school track might have felt defeating, you pushed through and crossed the finish line triumphantly.