Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Training Tuesday - Week 16

I cannot believe I've been training for this Marathon for 16 weeks now! I'm halfway done and I feel like know the worst is yet to come. As you read from last week's update, I feel like I'm in a good place with my Half Marathon time so that's comforting. The scary part is next. Those last 13.1 miles seem impossible to me. I can envision running 13.1 miles because I've done it 3 times, but 26.2?!

That's my freak out moment of the week hour. With that out of the way, let's talk about how I did this week!

I don't know how I let my two mid-week runs go by the waste side, but I did. I'm not proud of it, but like I always do, I'm moving on. After all, that's the beauty of training for a Marathon, there's always next week, and the next, and even the week after that!

Sunday was the Army 10 Miler and I was apprehensive going into it. I don't enjoy messing with the chaos of the city and being in unfamiliar territory with 30,000 other people. While there will be TONS of people at the Disney Marathon, I'm ok with it because I know the course like the back of my hand and my surroundings are familiar. I am fully aware that I'm a nut job and my logic is not so logical. :)

Regardless, I went into the race with one goal: To not lose my friend. No, I wasn't worried she wasn't going to make it, I was worried we would get split up. With all those people and not having a cell phone I could only imagine what it would be like trying to meet up later. So the plan was to run side by side. When one of us needed a break, the other took one too. We were a team.

I stayed at her house the night before because as I previously mentioned, city traffic is not my strong suite. Oh and did I mention how much I hate early mornings? It was best I had someone make sure I even got up.

After a crowded, but not long metro ride, we got to the race and realized we needed to get in line for the bathroom before it started. Look at those crazy lines!

 Yep, that's us before the race with the Pentagon behind us. It was a perfect fall day!

 So happy to be done!

The Army and various sponsors had tents everywhere. It was nice to walk around a bit after the race.

This week my schedule looks like this:

Tuesday - 45 min run
Thursday - 45 min run
Saturday - 15 miles

Let me know I'm not the only one with crazy long runs out there. Grab a button and link up with me for Training Tuesdays!


  1. running is something that is very difficult fro me just don't have the coordination for it after my coma but it seems relaxing to those who do it

  2. Congrats on the army 10 miler. I know SO many people who ran that. I bet it was crazy! And I'm doing 4 today, 7 tempo tomorrow, 4 Thursday (or I might move to Friday), and then I run a half plus one mile on Sunday. Good luck this week!

  3. Congrats girl!! How do you manage to always look to cute when you run?? jealous!


  4. It's all mental! If you can do the first 13.1 you can do the last! You got this :)

    I'm scared for my upcoming marathon, too!