Monday, October 22, 2012

Race Bib Keepsake DIY

If you are like me and have participated in various races here and there over the years, you might need a place to keep all the race bibs you've collected! I've been wanting to do something with my bibs for a while, but haven't gotten around to it until now.

Here is my collection of bibs that span from 5k's to half marathons.

Up until now, I have been keeping track of my race dates and times (as they are not always written on the bibs) on the back.

After buying a $12 frame from Walmart I had everything and was ready for my project!

It only took a few minutes to play around with the bibs to get them to fit just right.

I realized that once I taped down the bibs, I would have a hard time accessing the dates and times of the races, so since I had a little space in one corner, I wrote down the race name, date and time on a piece of paper.

Once everything was taped down, this was the end result! I am going to hang it in our garage next to the treadmill for inspiration. These bibs are very important to me, and if you have earned 1 or 50, you feel the same way. That bib ran each and every race with you. It's an original artifact from that race you can treasure for years to come!

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