Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What to Wear - Disney Style

With only two weeks before my next Disney trip, I thought I would share some of my favorite park going outfits!

When packing for your Disney trip, keep these two important things in mind: 1. Always be picture ready because you never know when something magical might happen AND 2. Be comfortable enough to walk 5-6 miles in the Florida heat. Oh and one more thing, don't forget to incorporate your favorite Disney character into your outfit. Can you guess who mine is?!

Let's start with the more casual/day outfits for the parks.

Yes those shorts have Mickey's on them, don't judge me.

Always have a sweater handy for the restaurants, rides, and stores because they are always FREEZING!

Simple yet still maintaining the theme (notice Mickey on the polo).

One of my favorite outfits! This one is especially great for your travel day. Over sized Minnie Mouse shirt with leggings and Toms.

Don't think you can only wear tourist-y outfits. Sometimes it's fun to dress up in the parks! And if you're worried about being overdressed, don't! You will fit right in among the Disney Princesses!
A nice and comfortable dress that is perfect for a rendezvouz with a Princess

Disney has some great restaurants and some are even fancy! I always bring a nice dress that won't wrinkle easy. Afterall, you never know when you will be invited to Cinderella's Castle for dinner!

Don't think mouse ears are just for kids. They wouldn't make them for adults if YOU aren't supposed to wear them!

I just had to have this hoodie!

Festive ears!

I never go to Disney without my special Dooney and Bourke Disney luggage and my cross body bag. These ALWAYS complete the look!

What is on your "must pack" list when you travel? Do you have a favorite travel outfit?

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  1. i can't handle how cute you are. that leggings outfit is ADORABLE!!

  2. These are great suggestions! I love how much you love Disney. Too cute. Can't wait to hear about it. Are you going to run some while you're there? How fun. Where are you staying?

  3. Ohhhhh I love your travel day shirt!!! Fun! And that fancy dress is beautiful! Cinderella would approve!

  4. we really need to have a disney date! omg please.