Friday, September 7, 2012

High Five! - Sept 7

First Friday in September and it feels like July! I cannot wait for it to cool down and begin to look and feel like fall.

Here are my top 5 things from this week!

  1. This little angel, as most of you already know, is my neice Hadleigh. She is 5 months this week and I couldn't help but share this adorable picture of her from Monday. :) 
  2. I love when friends text me things that remind them of me! I'm actually super jealous that this plate is taken and I can't have it. Although I can't complain, I got to have MSDSNY for a few years. 
  3. My boss is finally back from maternity leave! It's so good to have her back! She looked more like she was going back to school than back to work, but I suppose it's all the same thing right?
  4. I love countdowns to super fun trips. I have a countdown app that I use for all the fun things I can't wait for. My favorite countdown right now is for the cruise. Of course, it is still 6 months away, but who says I can't get excited now?!
  5. I have never done Fantasy Football and this year I have two teams! I thought my team names were pretty sweet. I also think I have good teams for both so who knows, maybe I'll win!
Should be a good weekend ahead. I have Saturday completely off  so the husband and I might just relax and have a fun date day.  Sunday is for training with an 11 mile run scheduled. At least I have a running buddy for these super long runs.

What are YOUR plans for the weekend?!

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  1. Love that you had the MsDsny license plate!@ That is so cute! Have a good weekend girl!

  2. Good luck in your 11 miles in the morning!! Can't wait to hear about it. Who is your training partner? That's so nice!! And good luck in fantasy football. It makes watching NFL so much fun!! Last year I won my side of the league.

  3. Omg your niece = adorable sauce!