Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Training Tuesday - Week 10

Week 10 has come and gone and only 130 days until I run the Disney Marathon. Where is the time going?! It is time to get serious and take advantage of the coming fall weather to get some of my best training runs in before it gets super cold.

Since the program alternates between long runs that increase by 2 miles and easy 4 mile runs, I tend to not do as well during the easy weeks. I guess I figure I can do those runs with no problem so it's ok to skip. I always fit in my long weekend run and my Tuesday run, but when it comes to Thursday I get burnt out from the week and I manage to talk myself out of it. I cannot realistically be ready for a marathon by only running 2 days a week. It's just NOT going to cut it. Putting that behind me, here's to next week. Week 11 here I come!

In other news, I have two upcoming races that should help keep me on target. I am running a half marathon on Oct 13th (still need to register to make it real) and the Army 10 Miler on October 21st.

Here are the stats from my two training runs:

 I hit the 4 mile mark at 35:40 which is a personal best for me!

Anyone else out there training for something? What keeps you motivated?


  1. I'm training for my first 5K, which is this Saturday. I'm excited.

  2. It's freaking me out that you're on week 10!! I'm going to be starting the training after 6 weeks of no activity after I had surgery August 7th. I'm hoping for the all clear next Thursday!! What plan are you using? I'm going to be doing the Hal Higdon Level One even though I have a small running background because of my absence. I'm doing it alone too!! I know a handful of people doing it, but we don't have any intention of running it together because we all do different paces. I did the Marathon Relay last year with someone, and it was AMAZING!! I saw him cross the finish line, and I knew I HAD to be running it 2013! I can't wait...and that medal!! My husband and probably my mom will be there too. I'll be following along with your plans!!