Wednesday, September 19, 2012

DIY Ribbon Wreath

I found a new craft that I just HAD to do! Where did I find it? Pinterest Duh!. Actually I didn't find it, but my friend Mandy from Totes Delish did and lucky me, I stumbled upon it!

 Here is the full tutorial of the wreath.

Once I find something, I want to begin working on it ASAP. So immediately after work I went to Michael's to pick up the supplies.  One problem: I started doing the math and realized that 45 yards of ribbon was going to be expensive! Maybe I'll just buy each spool one at a time with a 40% off coupon each time. At 3 yards per spool, that would take FOREVER! When I get an idea in my head, I want it now! It's a problem, I know. Anyway, Michael's had a good selection of ribbon and the foam wreath I needed. I used the 40% off coupon on the foam wreath which brought it to $4. After I bought everything, I spent $30. Not bad!

I only ended up with about 35 yards of ribbon because I was still having a hard time needing another 10 yards! I figured I could always pick up extra ribbon and this would be a good start.

Here are the 6 different types of ribbon I used.

This wreath is really quite simple to make:
  1. Wrap your wreath with ribbon (pin it down at the start and end) so the foam doesn't show through if you have any holes
  2. Cut all your ribbon in 4.5 inch strips (as shown above)
  3. Glue each strip to make a small circle
  4. Place your ribbon circles on the wreath until it is full! (You can hot glue them or use straight pins. I didn't have enough pins so I went with the  hot glue)
I started with one color and sporadically placed the ribbon all over the wreath. Here is my wreath after 2 colors.


Now I think it needs some sort of embellishment. Maybe a football hanging in the center, a big bow, or a helmet in the corner. I need to decide. One thing I have decided is I am making one of these for every holiday! It's easy and fun. It can be cheap too if you buy your ribbon on sale.


  1. Dang girl! You've got mad skilllllz :) These look amazing. YOu should sell them on Etsy.