Friday, September 26, 2014

High Five for Friday

It's so hard to find the positive when it seems like so many negative things are happening all at once. Never have I needed this high five for Friday post more than I do right now. Until I was gathering my pictures together to capture my week, I was only dwelling on the bad things that happened and forgot all the great memories we made in just a few short days! Sure, over the course of a few weeks, life has given us two cars that aren't running, a broken garage door, AC that needs repair and a child with pink eye, but it by no means will define my week. I want to remember the good things, the things that matter years from now. It's time to celebrate the highs and bury the lows with four simple words: High Five for Friday!
  1. We spent last weekend in Minneapolis for my husband's American Idol audition. Even though he didn't make it to the next round, it was still a great experience! Here is a fun family picture of us in front of the American Idol backdrop!
  2. Minneapolis is home the the Mall of America, so you better believe we went and checked it out. The entire center f the mall is an amusement park. I knew there were rides, but never expected 5 roller coasters and other rides! 
  3. I will talk more about the trip in detail next week, but while we were there, we got tickets to a Twins game. And even though it was cooler than we would have liked, we all still had a great time!
  4. Couldn't leave Mall of America without a family picture. :)
  5. After a long weekend and some craziness near the end of the trip, it was only fitting that we end on a high note with dinner outside in the city accompanied by a bottle of wine. 

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