Friday, October 25, 2013

High Five for Food and Family

This has been such a perfect fall week! The weather has been amazing and getting to spend time with family has been even better! I've been keeping myself busy with my Etsy shop this week. The orders seem to come in waves, but I don't mind! I want to get as much done as possible before the luxury of time is gone.
  1. On Sunday I was in need of a good, fall, home cooked meal. I had a craving for some sweet cornbread and decided chili would be the perfect accompaniment to that! And boy was it! I wish I would have had made more so I could  have leftovers all week.
  2. This is my youngest niece, Sadie. After watching her for a few hours one night this week, I began to wonder how on earth am I going to keep an infant alive?! Sure, she looks sweet and happy here, but this was after the hour long meltdown she had for NO reason! I know babies cry a lot, I just hope between now and January I develop patience and will know how to handle my own.
  3. This literally made my night. When my friend told me how amazing the Papa John's cookie was, I didn't believe her. I mean, how good can a cookie from a pizza place be? Well let me tell you...IT'S AMAZING! It comes super hot and gooey, but still crispy so it's not falling apart in your hands. Good thing we aren't big Papa John's pizza fans or else I could see this being a major problem these next few months.
  4. I couldn't resist with this one. Milo seems less than amused about our selfie session, but I just couldn't help myself! How could you not snuggle that face everyday?!
  5. This past weekend we went down to Richmond to celebrate my nephew's first birthday! Here he is with his uncle and the shirt I made. He did so good at his party and had a great time. It was especially nice to get to see our Richmond family!
Hoping for some more fall fun this weekend. I think we are going to take the mustang (top down of course) up Skyline Drive (in the Shenandoah's) to look at all the colorful leaves! It's the best time of year for that! I hope you do something fall-like too!
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  1. I've never had chili. I've made it before but it never looked so appetizing. Maybe cause I don't like to eat red meat. Lol

    My friend ordered one of those papa johns cookie and she was disappointed on how small it was. lol she was expecting it to be bigger.

    i've had my etsy shop open for a few months now and all of a sudden i ended up getting 2 sales in less then 48 hours and I was so happy. I'm glad your shop is also growing :)

  2. I'm a firm believer in that whole saying "when the baby is born, so is the Mom." It's amazing how many things come instinctively! So fun that you have your own Etsy shop. I've always wanted to open one and everyone is always talking about how I should but I don't know that I have enough time since I have a newborn and all! I'm lucky if I can throw a load of laundry in the dryer these days!

  3. Aww it's so fun to be pregnant in the Fall! Not as many hot flashes and lots of comfort food :). Congrats!! Stopping by from H54F.

  4. Seems like everyone made chili this week/end! Corn bread is a must with it :) Both of those babies are adorable - so excited for you to have your own SO soon! Congrats girl! Hope you had a great weekend!