Friday, May 3, 2013

High Five for May!

I love that it's already May, one of my favorite months! The weather is what makes May one of my favorite months. Although I can't forget about June! Even though it gets hotter (which I'm not a huge fan of), it's my birthday month! Woot woot!

So what were my high fives for this week?
  1. Thanks to Shopkick (read about the app here), I got my very first Chi using my kicks and didn't pay a dime!
  2. Milo the cat is entertaining as always
  3. Found this really pretty light purple nail polish, Essie's "Go Ginza". Definitely my new fave!
  4. My office is now having fruit brought in once a week for a healthy snack option, so this has been my breakfast lately....LOVE.
  5. My embroidery machine and I have been on the rocks. Sometimes it wants to work and other times it wants to eat my projects. So needless to say, when I finally completed this koozie, I was a happy girl.
This weekend, my in-laws are coming to visit on Saturday and then I will be crafting the rest of the weekend. Of course I'll be taking nice long breaks to go outside and enjoy the weather. All in all pretty excited about relaxing this weekend. Starting next week, it seems we have something planned for every weekend until July. Whew!

Hope you had a good week and I can't wait to read everyone else's high fives!

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  1. I LOVE shopkicking!!! I'm holding onto my kicks for a big purchase!