Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Disney Checklist

As briefly mentioned on Friday, we have decided on a quick last minute trip to Disney this weekend! The sound of that stress you out? Not me! We have Disney down to a science and no matter how long the trip, packing is a breeze (we should probably just leave suitcases packed since we bring the same things every time). However, for most of you, going to Disney is magical yet stressful because there are so many things you want to remember!

Aside from the array of "Must Do's" and "Things to See", I am going to help you with the "What to pack" aspect of your Disney trip. (Note: kids are not included in this packing list as I have yet to do a Disney trip with kids so I have no idea all the accoutrements they require).

Must Bring:

2 outfits per day - This is key as you never know what the weather is going to do. You could get soaked and need a dry outfit for later. There are many other reasons such as a fancy dinner you may have planned and you want to dress up, or when the sun sets the temperature suddenly drops 10 degrees so your shorts and t-shirt won't cut it and lastly, you might just need to freshen up after sweating all day in those clothes

Cross body bag/purse or a backpack - You want your hands as free as possible when walking through the parks and going on rides. You also want a small enough bag or backpack that has a zipper closure so when you go on rides all your belongings don't fly out when you're upside down. Disney has some lockers at the front of the parks, but it makes more sense to just have everything on you. We usually designate one bag for the both of us and we take turns on who is responsible.

Walking shoes - Don't think you have to surrender all fashion sense when going to Disney. In fact, you should be aware of what you are wearing because these are the pictures that end up in scrap books for the rest of your life! Sure, you want to be comfortable, but that doesn't mean sneakers and high knee socks. I usually bring my Toms, Rainbow flip flops, and a pair of Jack Rogers. These are my summer staple shoes and therefore are nice and broken in. The last thing you want is to get a blister on day one.

Sunscreen - Unless you want to pay $15 (not lying) per can

Extra bag or suitcase - Whether you fly or drive, make plans to come home with souvenirs. You might not be the merchandise type, but everything is a souvenir in Disney. Your room keys, park maps, autographs and the list goes on. Also, you are most likely to bring a little treat home to those who weren't able to come. There really is something for everyone and it sucks you in every dang time! iPhone cases, kitchen accessories, cook books, designer purses... I could go on for days.

Leave at Home:

Cash - What? Why wouldn't I bring cash on a trip? Two reasons: You will lose it and it slows transactions down. I know this might sound crazy, but I promise you, the last thing you want to bring into a crowded park is a wad of cash. It falls out of pockets and purses way too often (trust me, it happened to me). Also, when you are trying to buy a quick snack or soda, one swipe of your credit card is all you need. Disney takes credit cards for everything. An even better option (so as not to have a 30 page credit card statement next month) is to authorize your room key for charging across the property. This will make your entire trip show up as one transaction on your credit card bill. Plus, every day you can stop by the front desk and see how much you've already spent which helps you stay on budget.

Refillable water bottle - I'm all for saving the environment and money, but let me tell you, Florida water is NASTY! Especially if you are not used to it. You are better off buying a case of water at Wal-Mart (so you don't spend $2.50 per bottle in the parks) and bringing it into the parks.

Stress - There is so much to Disney World and unless you've gone many times before, don't expect yourself to know every little secret and nook and cranny. It's supposed to be vacation, so don't plan every second of everyday. Anything can happen, buses run late, parks get crowded and mother nature has mood swings. Don't sweat the things you can't control, it's ok to take a break and kick it back at the resort for a few hours. Absorb all the little details in what makes Disney Disney and RELAX!

There is so much more I could go on about, but I'm going to leave it at that. I hope you find these tips useful when planning your vacation. If you ever have any questions, no matter how big or small, feel free to leave a comment. Consider me your personal wealth of knowledge. Happy planning!


  1. I wish my parents had this list before we went as kids! Thanks for this, I will keep it in mind if my husband and I ever decide to go!

  2. On the other coast, my hubby and i do Disneyland quite frequently. This is a perfect list, and pretty much the exact same as what I would say!

    My Wholesome Home

  3. take me with youuuuuuuuuuu <3

  4. I love Disney! Can I come with you?

  5. read these out of order, this is a great starter list. Now to figure out the 4 kiddos' list.

  6. You and I are literally the same person. I'm obsessed with Disney! We go every year for a week. It's tradition! If you get a chance, take a look at my Disney post!

    Looking forward to reading the rest of your blog!

    xo Augenie

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