Friday, September 20, 2013

H54F - New Things

This week flew by! Sorry for being MIA this week, I feel like I never caught up from the weekend. I'm one of those people that needs the weekend to reset. This weekend was a fun one, but tiring. We were busy with a minor home improvement project and my in-laws were in town so we spent the weekend running all over the place. We got a lot accomplished and this week's high fives are all about the fun new things from the week!

  1. Spent a few hours with my littlest niece, Sadie. Napping like a little diva already.
  2. This may sound crazy, but iOS 7 was definitely the highlight of my week. I love the new look and welcome the change that many people are apprehensive about. It feels like I got a brand new phone without paying for one! Winning!
  3. Milo likes to be as helpful as possible around the house. I was building a bookcase (see #5) and he decided to supervise.
  4. Here is a sneak peak of a tutorial I will be doing for you next week. It's another nursery project and I'm so happy with how it turned out. Things are really starting to come together!
  5. The bookcase that my desk was attached to used to only by 2 cubies wide and 4 long. I was quickly running out of room, so when I found a 4x4 version on Craigslist it was fate! The guy even had it disassembled for me and when I got it home it took me less than an hour to build and swap the old for the new. Now I have more space then I ever could have imagined!
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