Friday, August 23, 2013

High Five for Almost Fall

It's been a long but fun week and I'm ready for another fun weekend. Summer is almost over and my favorite time of year is coming. I love fall and the entire holiday season, so I'm ready to say good bye to August and welcome September with open arms! There are two downfalls to summer leaving: traffic gets really bad once school starts back up and we lose sunlight. Other than that, I'm ready to bring in a new season! Enough of that, time to talk about what made my week's high fives!
  1. Went to the first home preseason Redskins game. As always, had a blast! View from the suite.
  2. This is my adorable little niece, Hadleigh. She is a little over a year and is absolutely hilarious. She saw Charlotte's bows hanging in the nursery and wanted to know what they were for. I showed her that they go in your hair and she proceeded to ask me to put them all in her hair. She sported this look for a good hour.
  3. Our family does a little Fantasy Football draft and so we hosted the draft party at our house. I of course took this as an opportunity to bake some cupcakes. They were delicious funfetti cupcakes. You really can't go wrong with them.
  4. No Friday is complete without a Milo picture. He loves to just be wherever we are. If I'm working at my computer, he finds it perfectly acceptable to nap on the keyboard. Somehow, this time I managed to get him to sleep next to the keyboard as opposed to on it. I live for those small victories
  5. If you follow me on Instagram (@ALittleBoltofLife), you've already seen this dress I made over the weekend. I was super proud of how it turned out and even learned how to do my first embroidery applique properly! The dress may not fit her for another year or so, but it was fun to make!
Hoping to sew and embroider some more this weekend. What are YOUR plans?

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  1. Looks like a pretty awesome week!! :)

  2. There will always be a good reason for funfetti. always.

    My cats do the same thing with the computer, it's kinda tough to type when they are laying on you hands :)


  3. Your neice is adorable - great pics! Stopping by from High Five for Friday! Come visit, having a $200 J.Crew gift card giveaway - ends today!

    xo Lulu