Friday, August 2, 2013


Often times when I sit down to write my H54F post, I struggle finding five pictures from the week that aren't all my cat (believe it or not I do try to have some variety). This week some random cool stuff happened, so I actually had to select the best five moments and not just any five.
  1. Oh you know, just me and Milo doing what we do best....acting crazy.
  2. We got our first gift for the baby in the mail this week! It was totally unexpected and the sweetest thing ever! It's a book of Disney lullabies and bedtime stories that comes with a CD of Mickey and Donald reciting them. Absolutely the sweetest thing and sooooo us. Thank you!!
  3. Randomly on Tuesday night we heard what we thought was thunder, and then we quickly realized it was fireworks. So we did what any normal adult would do and scurry to the deck to catch a glimpse. Turns out it was a front row seat to a great fireworks display. I pretended I was in Disney so of course I felt it necessary to sing the "Wishes" soundtrack!
  4. My company hosts a meeting offsite every year and this year we went to Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg, VA. My view from lunch on the first day....not bad!
  5. I am in love with our little neighborhood. We decided to go to our local pizza shop (right outside our front door) for a little impromptu date night. I just love the way everything looks at night here.
Hope your week was just as good as mine! I think the weather definitely added to the niceness factor. But like always, I'm ready for the weekend!

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