Friday, January 11, 2013

HighFive, Low Five

This week had all the makings to be a good one. Then one thing after another happened and my high fives quickly turned into low fives. Not as dramatic as it sounds, but it was the first time I struggled to come up with 5 positive things! For instance, I had ordered my gold glitter Toms and when they came they didn't fit! Then I ordered a new bathing suit for the cruise and it looked awful on me! And don't get my started on what happened to my sports teams this week. See? Nothing big, just ruined my high five moment!

  1. So Milo decided he would nap ON my husband's head. I was cracking up watching this. They both slept like this for about 20 minutes!
  2. Starting a new running routine where I work out before work. Saw a vast improvement in my time from Tuesday to Thursday. Pretty happy about that
  3. All decked out to watch the Redskins in the playoffs....then they loose. The highlight of that day was using my new koozie (to drown my sorrows in of course) and wearing my official Redskins knee socks!
  4. the Notre Dame Championship game was a highly anticipated game in my house. Of course, this game turned out to be another heart breaker. We are kinda glad football is done until August, no more broken hearts.
  5. I love the Target dollar spot. I found these plastic Star Wars cups for only $1! 
Looking forward to some spring weather this weekend! No major plans, just seeing where the days take us!

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  1. Looks like you had fun this week! Hope you have a great weekend even though you don't have any plans. Those are my favorite kinds of weekends.

  2. ah your cat!!! makes me miss my little cat back home.

    i also mentioned you on my blog today, check it out!

  3. Great job with the workout! I really need to start running again.

    xx Ani