Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fish Extender? Say what?

I know I've mentioned it a few times, but in case you aren't aware; I'm going on a Disney Cruise! In just 51 short days, I will be boarding the Disney Fantasy for a 7 night cruise to the Caribbean and I couldn't be more excited! We booked this cruise about 10 months ago, so to be down to 51 days is pretty exciting.

In gearing up for the cruise, I joined a group on Facebook that is for our cruise week! Here you can meet people and ask questions to the veteran cruisers. I discovered this entire underground gift exchange program that happens on the ships (I'm pretty sure it's a Disney thing, but let me know if you've done something like this on another cruise line). On my first Disney Cruise in 2010, I noticed people had their doors decorated and had cute bags hanging from a hook outside their stateroom with notes, candy, and gifts. Immediately I felt left out of something. If you know me, I DON'T like feeling that people know something Disney that I don't!

I'm happy to report that this year I will be a full participant in what they call the Fish Extender Gift Exchange. A what?!?! The hooks that are outside the stateroom are in the shape of fish and are traditionally used by cast members to hang announcements, notes, and appointments while you're on the ship. Somewhere along the line, people started making cute pocketed hangers to hang from the fish (hence fish extender) that will hold more and denotes who in the room gets the note. It's like a fun mail system!

How cute!

This particular one is from Etsy. Many people choose to make their own and theme it for their family. I, of course, am choosing to make ours. We have my parents, my in-laws, and of course my husband and I going on this cruise, so I will be making 3 of them. I really can't wait to get started!

The idea evolved and grew to what it is today. You sign up to participate and you bring little gifts, notes, candy, or whatever you want to place in each of the pockets. It's encouraged to bring extra goodies in case you see a fish extender not on the list. When you sign up you give the names, ages, and mention if you are celebrating anything special while on the boat. This way you can plan to put special surprises on those days!

I hope I haven't lost you in all this madness. Even I'm overwhelmed by it all! I will be sure to keep you updated, as I make my very own fish extender. I'm in desperate need of ideas to either make or buy for all the passengers. Help!

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  1. Hello,

    I found your blog through the grapevine somehow and I have to say I love it! I read a few things about the FE gifts and was like hmmm, what's that. After reading this post I completely understand and see how cool this is! I would have never known about something like this but absolutely LOVE doing little things like that! Have an amazing time and cannot wait to hear all about it!!