Friday, December 21, 2012

High Five, It's Almost Christmas

I can't believe we are in the single digits before Christmas! I am sooo close to being done with my shopping. Thank goodness for the weekend to finish it all up! I always manage to still be shoipping at the last minute.

I had such a good week that I almost did a High 10 instead of High 5!

  1. I had such a blast designing and sending out our Christmas cards this year!
  2. Ever since my mom broke her leg on Thanksgiving, we have been trying to help around the house when we can. Putting up my parents' 12ft Christmas tree is always a project. Loved seeing two of my favorite boys working together!
  3. I have the best friends in the whole world. Can we talk about this hat?! I am in love with this hat. It's warm, cozy and my absolute favorite character!
  4. We had our first annual company holiday party and white elephant gift exchange this week. It was a blast! One of the VPs' wife made this! She nailed the logo!
  5. On Saturday we had our department holiday party and I got to debut the famous tulle skirt! This is my manager and I at dinner. Aren't we cute?!
And what's even better than my High 5?! The fact that you're reading this post means the world didn't end and the Mayans were wrong! WOOOO

Try not to waste your whole weekend at the mall with all the other last minute shoppers!

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