Friday, December 7, 2012

High Five for Fun

Looking back, my week was pretty awesome! Sure I was tired and cranky at some points, but who hasn't had those moments by the time Friday rolls around?!

I get more and more excited about Christmas as we get closer every week. I love the way the house smells, all the parties and just seeing everyone's lights as you drive down the street. It really is the best time of the year!

We had a busy but super fun week. I seriously considered making this a High 10 instead of High 5!

  1. I made these onsies for my nephew to take his monthly pictures in. Super easy, I just bought the template from etsy at: and then printed it out on iron on transfer paper.
  2. Speaking of my nephew. Here is little Jacob! He and my sister-in-law came up to visit last night and today. Isn't he cute?!!
  3. I got this beautiful Kate Spade bag at the outlets this week for a steal! Ready to hear the breakdown? It was originally $298 marked down to $125 then 50% off that and an additional 30% off of that! It came down to $45! You can't get a knock off at that price.
  4. We were able to go to the Redskins vs. Giants game on Monday night and it was a BLAST! Thank goodness we won!
  5. I decided to get a festive/fun manicure last weekend! Its a dark purple with gold on top. I pretty much love it.
I hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoy those holiday parties these next few weeks!

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  1. Your nephew is adorable! Love those onsies, you did a great job! That was a close game, must have been so exciting inside the stadium!!

  2. You so crafty! I love the onsies. Hope you will follow me back. Thanks

  3. Oh my goodness, those onesies are almost as cute as your nephew!! :) Great job! Stopping by from Insta-Friday, have a great day!!

  4. Love those little onesies! Very creative! And your nail polish is so cute and sparkly! Stopping by from the link up! Have a happy Friday! =)