Monday, January 27, 2014

January Ipsy Bag

I know I have been terrible about sharing my Ipsy bags lately, but in an attempt to get back on track with all things blog related, here is a look into my January Ipsy bag. As usual, I'm quite happy with the products that were chosen for me.

  1. Absolute Makeup Cleansing Tissues - A girl can never have too many of these. Makeup cleansing cloths are one of those items I hate spending money on so when I get my hands on some, it's a good day. I got the pomegranate scented ones and they are definitely different. I'm not used to taking off my makeup with something that smells fruity. These cleansing cloths are soft and work well enough so I don't feel like I'm scrubbing my face raw. They are gentle enough to not burn my eyes when taking my eye makeup off. I also liked the cooling and fresh sensation they gave my whole face once used. All in all these would be something I would consider buying but maybe in a more neutral scent. 
  2. Malin+Goetz Mojito Lip Balm - This was by far the best item in my bag this month! This time of year, you can never have too many lip balms and chap sticks in your purse. Just when my everyday chap stick wasn't cutting it anymore, I was given this little gem to try. My lips went from cracked and burning to smooth and relieved in just a matter of seconds. It was truly magical. I will definitely be buying more of this once I run out.
  3. Yaby Liquid Foundation - I usually wear liquid foundation and then set it with mineral powder. I like a more full coverage look to help even out my skin since my face is covered in freckles and is splotchy. I liked this foundation because it didn't leave my face looking heavy and covered in makeup. The color was dead on too! 
  4. Benefit the POREfessional - Everyone talks about Benefit products, but I'm not one to go out and buy them since I find them extremely expensive. So the only Benefit products I own are the ones that I get through Ipsy. I have noticed that my pores are extremely large on my nose, so I just recently gave those Biore pore strips a try. Can you say ouch?! Those stupid tape strips are torture. While it is rather fascinating to see the dirt that comes off (after all, you just ripped off a few layers of skin), I find it far more effective to actually see less of my pores even after just one application. 
  5. Balm Me Up Body Balm - I have super dry skin but there is nothing I hate more than moisturizing. I have always hated that greasy feeling of applying moisturizer. This body balm feels greasy at first but it absorbs into the skin pretty quickly. The one thing I wasn't a fan of was the scent. It has a tangy citrus scent that is a little strong for my taste. I will use this balm to heal the dry patchy areas such as elbows and the bottoms of my feet. 

One of the things I love most about Ipsy, is that you get full size products and not all just samples like other subscription beauty boxes. For example, this month I got about $45 in product for only $10! If you are looking for a subscription beauty bag that is worth the monthly cost, I highly recommend Ipsy.

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